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We make all of CARE’s evaluation and research reports available for public access in accordance with our Accountability Policy. These are available at our Evaluation Library.

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CARE Jordan 2023 Annual Needs Assessment

May 24, 2024

CARE Jordan’s 2023 Annual Needs Assessment is the twelfth iteration of a series of assessments aimed at understanding and addressing the needs of vulnerable communities across Jordan including Jordanians, Syrian refugees in urban areas and Azraq camp, as well as other minority refugees’ nationalities including Iraqi, Yemeni, Somali and Sudanese. CARE Jordan’s data collection efforts for 2023 reached into new areas of the Kingdom, including underserved regions in the South, such as Karak and Tafileh.

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Annual Reports

Rapport annuel de CARE Bénin/Togo FY2023

By CARE Benin / Togo · May 17, 2024

CARE Bénin/Togo, dans sa stratégie pays 2022 - 2026, a pour ambition d’atteindre 8,5 millions de personnes issues de communautés rurales vulnérables et exclues au Bénin et au Togo. En 2023, cette stratégie a été amorcée en faveur de nos deux groupes d’impact que sont : les femmes et les filles vulnérables et les jeunes jusqu’à 24 ans. Au Togo principalement, nous avons renforcé notre présence par l’ouverture de notre bureau à Lomé, en plus du bureau de Kara, afin de renforcer la collaboration avec l’administration togolaise et les partenaires. Nos interventions ont atteint directement près de 500 000 personnes (principalement les femmes et les filles) et ont couvert les soixante-dix-sept (77) communes au Bénin, tandis qu’au Togo, nous intervenons dans 14 préfectures… Lire ici l’intégralité de notre rapport annuel de 2023 ici pour en savoir davantage.

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Building caring economies as a pathway to economic and gender justice

May 15, 2024

Care work is the backbone of our society, yet caring systems around the world are broken and leaving women and girls disproportionately impacted. This joint report by CARE International and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women demonstrates how and why governments and decisionmakers should invest in building caring economies in line with the 5Rs of care to achieve gender and economic justice globally, and presents four original case studies of women entrepreneurs from the UK, Kenya and Vietnam as practical examples of positive outcomes of such investments. It concludes with a list of six recommendations on how decisionmakers – including governments, donors, multilateral agencies and the private sector – should build caring economies.

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Rafah Governorate: Deception, Destruction & Death in the “Safe” Zone (Rapid Gender Analysis)

May 14, 2024

The ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip has been described as a “human rights crisis, a human-made humanitarian disaster” and a “war on woman.” Since October 7th there has been mass scale forced displacement of over a million Palestinians from Northern Gaza to Southern Governorates. The aim of this RGA was to hear from women and men currently in Rafah, with a focus on those providing essential services to communities and Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in the Governorate. The aim was to better understand the experiences of women, men, girls and boys at this moment, and to identify how CARE and the local and international humanitarian community, including U.N. Agencies, can best respond - understanding the formidable challenges and barriers to do so.

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Impact Reports

CARE’S Localization Approach: Technical Capacity Statement

April 30, 2024

CARE’s localization model blends principles of both locally-led development and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) with an emphasis on shifting power to the local level. We intentionally center women, girls, and marginalized communities in everything that we do to ensure that the voices of underrepresented, underserved, and vulnerable populations lead and shape development solutions and humanitarian response.

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